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Subcontract Testing


It is often difficult to determine and prove performance criteria and behaviour when developing a new product. How will it behave? How will it perform? What cycle time is necessary to ensure repeatable results? Once optimised, how to meet pre-production requirements.

Additionally, there are instances when parts are dismantled for remanufacturing. Which parts still have a useful service life thus saving money and as importantly, waste? Subcontract testing may provide the answer needed.

We have the following facilities which we can offer for prototype and pre-production testing*.                 

hydraulic pressure testing.

Up to 3000 Bar, measurable from 0.01 cc/min up to 20cc/sec and higher.

back pressure.

Up to 500 Bar.

temperature range.

Ambient to 60°C.

viscosity range.

0.8 to 120 cSt.

pressure stability.

Better than +/-0.1 bar for steady state conditions.

flow rate.

Up to 100 l/min depending upon pressure.

temperature control.      

+/-1°C depending upon fluid.

evaluation criteria. 

Pressure change over time, timed pressure drop, measured flow, blob growth.

measurement medium.

Air, hydraulic oil from ambient to 150°C, calibration fluid, water.

pneumatic pressure. 

Up to 250 Bar.

flow range.  

0-500 L/MIN at pressures up to 3000 Bar and temperatures Up To 150°C.

leak detection.

Pressure increase or decrease over time.

* subject to final details, quantities, agreement and timescales.