Final air gap machine electrical clearance test machine
Gas valve test bench gas valve testing bench
Manual nozzle test bench    opening pressure measurement machine
Injector assembly lines semi-automatic diesel injector assembly lines
Laser marker automated laser marking machine


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Armature press                          Double back leak test mcn                     E-motor

Mass overcheck unit            mobile mass flow calibration/overcheck unit
Nozzle/capnut check bench  nozzle and capnut assembly overcheck bench 
Nozzle final test machine multi test fully automated machine
Nozzle setting machine 2200 bar clearance measurement machine
Parts counter automatic cutting insert counter
Patch test cabinet cleanliness testing cabinet

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Control valve test mcn                    High temp pump test mcn                    HPF300

Pneumatic pass off rig      250 bar opening pressure and leak check machine    
Power packs power packs for different purposes
PTR 250 250 bar pneumatic regulator setting machine
Shim selection bench NOP measurement and shim selection
Torque bench torque setting machine
Twin headed back leak    dual head back leak measurement machine


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Large flow development rig           Pump head test mcn               Multi purpose rig

Wet seat test machine wet seat leakage measurment machine
Wash module in-line washing module
F2 OMV and backleak mcn back leak and wet seat test machine
High pressure nozzle test diesel injector test machine to 3000 bar
Nitrogen nozzle test seat leak test machine
2-piece wiper seal machine seal component assembly machine
F2 insulation, resistance rig            capnut/o-ring integrity with electrical resistance test               


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NCV Pressure test mcn      NOP /atomisation test mcn          Teat inspection mcn