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Power Packs
Power Packs
Hydraulic modules

Our expertise in the generation of high pressure for our own test machines has lead to the development of a range of hydraulic power packs. These have generally been used as oil supply and conditioning units for external equipment.

General Specifications

flow range              10-100 l/min
pressure range 1-300 bar
temperature range             ambient - 160°C 
filtration level normally between 3 and 25 microns
power up to 60 kW
type mobile and fixed installations

Mobile Power Pack

This hydraulic power pack has two circuits, one to supply test fluid and the other to supply lubrication oil. Both circuits may be run simultaneously allowing a test piece to be supplied with test fluid and lubrication from a single unit. Both circuits are temperature controlled and can servo to either flow or pressure. The test fluid supply circuit will provide up to 50 l/min through a 3 micron filter and the lubrication circuit will provide up to 60 l/min through a 10 micron filter. The entire unit is mounted upon castors that enable it to be moved from one location to another relatively easily.

Fixed Installation Power Pack

This power pack is intended for a fixed installation and has been designed and built to operate with a specific piece of external equipment. It has two supply circuits, one for test fluid and the other for lubrication. The test circuit can provide 42 l/min at up to 180 bar through a 10 micron filter and the lubrication circuit can provide 11.6 l/min at up to 275 bar through a 30 micron filter.

A 3 kW in-line heater is fitted to each of the two supplies capable of raising the temperature to 160°C – subject to fluid in use. With an optional coolant connection, fluid temperatures may be individually set for either circuit from 15°C up to 160°C. In addition to the oil supply circuits, the unit frame is sized to suit up to 60 kW main motor with separate control and instrumentation equipment and interface for coupling to the customers’ equipment to drive it making it far more than just a hydraulic power pack.

Special Purpose Conditioning Unit

We also produce special purpose conditioning units built specifically to meet very exacting requirements. These types of units have ranged in height from 2.2m to 4.5m and have been constructed from RHS box section frame or extruded aluminium section. The units consist of dual circuits supplying test fluid at different conditions for different purposes. Fluid temperatures may be individually set for either circuit form 15°C up to 160°C. Flow rates of up to 100 l/min can be supplied at up to 10 bar. The supply lines are fitted with 3 micron filters to ensure clean oil is supplied.

Multipurpose Power Pack

The multipurpose power pack has been developed to meet the need for a self contained hydraulic power pack and clamp unit. It consists of four supply lines, two of which are capable of supplying fluid at 7 l/min at 300 bar and two which can supply at 60 l/min at 100 bar. The four oil supply and four return lines are each fitted with 25 micron and 6 micron filters. The unit contains two completely independent clamp circuits which, with the correct valve islands, may be used to achieve various clamping requirements.

The oil reservoir is fitted with both warning and abort level switches to indicate when topping up is required and prevent running the pumps dry. The fluid temperature is monitored as standard and can be controlled as an option. Each supply line is fitted with electronic flow meters to enable precise monitoring of the flow rates. To prevent fluid spillage in the event of an accident, the power pack has an integral bund capable of containing all the fluid in the tank.