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Flow and Pressure Measurement

Flow and Pressure Measurement
Flow and Pressure Measurement
Flow and Pressure Measurement
Flow and Pressure Measurement

A range of pressure test machines to flow test valves to verify flow, flow performance, valve differential pressure/flow rate/Kv. Features include a stainless steel frame incorporating a drip tray and fully interlocked guarding.

The machine may incorporate a range of self-priming and variable speed pumps, capable of providing sufficient overlap over pipe size range and expected flow rate ranges. Machine control enables switching between pumps during test.

Manual operation

  • on/off, pump speed setting to set flow rate via integrated control panel.
  • selection of flow meter through manifold isolation valves – auto option available.
  • display DP via mercury/water manometers or pressure transducers.
  •  separate isolation valve to allow for up to 100% spill off for low flow testing.
  • 0-10V outputs – manual adjustment for additional component control (e.g. actuators).
  • balancing valves – manual adjustment for fine tuning.

Auto Operation

  • PC control of pump speed and spill off.
  • PC display to providing live readout of all inputs and outputs e.g. flow, inlet pressure, outlet pressure, differential pressure.
  • automated programs to servo to flow, inlet pressure, differential pressure, locked conditions.
  • automated programs to control pump speed and spill off to servo to flow / pressure requirements.

All features are available either in manual or automated PC control and include:

Description Specifications
test pressure (fluid) 6 bar 
test flow rate 30 l/s (max)
test pressure 15 bar (max)
test media water and rust inhibitor mix
test valve/size range                        ½” to 4” – DN15 to DN100  
heating system 40°C max
cooling system factory chilled water