The design and build of special purpose machinery is the corner stone of our business.  We undertake the whole project from concept to commissioning and acceptance.

Key tasks in delivering a successful project

  • fully understand the customer's design brief
  • establish integration requirements from both the physical and control point of view
  • submit detailed concept design for customer review/acceptance
  • perform safety evaluation and FMEA studies
  • produce detail designs
  • design review carried out with customer
  • begin manufacture
  • internal progress meetings held at key stages in the project
  • internal commissioning
  • customer commissioning and delivery

A continual design review process is performed throughout the project to accommodate minor specification changes and highlight potential areas of concern as early as possible.  Whether it is a standalone machine or equipment to be integrated into existing plant, we carry out all the required work and integration to provide our customers with fully operational solutions. The functions we perform to achieve this include:

  • mechanical design
  • electrical design
  • software design and writing
  • bought out purchasing
  • manufacture of bespoke components
  • mechanical and electrical assembly
  • software installation and debugging
  • machine commissioning
  • commissioning at customer's site

Laser Measuring Equipment

This machine is manually loaded, but fully automated. It measures the diameter and straightness of a large component over its entire length. The machine has the option to include the visual inspection of the correct screw patterns and screw presence. Cycle time is two to five minutes with loading and unloading in addition. In excess of 1,000,000 data points can be generated and evaluated for each component.

Torque Controlled Screwdriver Unit

A manually loaded, semi automated assembly aid to assist the operator to ensure that the correct number of appropriate screws are located and tightened to their specified torque and angular distance.  A torque screwdriver system is integrated into the existing functioning fixture and monitored via a bespoke interface to ensure that all screws are inserted to achieve the correct number of rotations, torque and presentation.